Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to have anesthesia?

The ergonomically designed applicator causes so little discomfort, there is no need at all for anesthesia. Aside from very mild warmth, the patient will feel totally relaxed.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure itself takes only five minutes and does not require any special pre- or post-op preparation. NeuViva is a completely outpatient treatment.

Will there be any downtime after the procedure?

NeuViva requires absolutely no downtime, so you can be back in control and comfortable right away.

How soon can I expect results?

Results are proven to be long lasting and will typically appear within the first month after the procedure, with full rejuvenation in five months.

Who is right for this procedure?

Because of the simplicity of NeuViva, nearly any woman with urinary incontinence or dryness problems can have the treatment.

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Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS)



After 1 Month

After 5 Months

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